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32 GB Spy Pen Camera

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This is a portable and advance technology designed Pen used to record both audio and video clips and images too. 32GB Memory card is installed in Spy Pen Camera to record and save HI Resolution Video in AVI Format with the real colors of the objects.

This spy Pen camera comprises a built in re-chargeable battery which can be charged with USB Port. This 32GB Spy Pen Camera is a great advancement technology for spying purposes especially for Doctors, executives, lawyers, professors, and students. It Record the high quality pictures even from a distance and even maintain the voice clarity while recording audio clips.


  • Instant Live Video Recording
  • Record Real Time Audio/Video Proof
  • Real time recording in AVI video format
  • High Quality
  • Hi Resolution


  • 3.5MP camera
  • Resolution: 720*348
  • Works as a USB drive
  • Available Colors: Silver/Black
  • Playback video on PC

Display and Video:

  • Video Frame Rate: 30FPS
  • Image Resolution: 720*348: Encoding: M-JPEG
  • Video Format : AVI Video


  • Battery type: Lithium-ion
  • Up to 12 hours of 720*348
  • 32GB (Approx. 12 hours Recording time)


  • Internal Memory: 32GB.
  • Built-in Flash Memory


  • 3.5MP camera
  • Photo Click System: Yes

Package Contents:

  • 32GB Spy Pen Camera
  • User Manual.
  • Adaptor type : USB adaptor charging cable


  • One Year Warranty.

Standard Spy Pen Camera 32 GB In Delhi

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