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Standard Pen Camera 8GB

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Standard Pen Camera 8GB is stylishly designed pen with latest technology for capturing audio and video clips secretly. A micro- cam recorder is installed in Standard Pen Camera having high qualities like it records Hi-Resolution real time 15fps video via its internal pin hole camera at the touch of a button. This Standard Pen Camera has a built in rechargeable battery and 8GB Memory card. You can charge the battery just with a USB Port and you are ready to record quality pictures of the people even from a distance and even maintain the voice clarity while recording audio clips. AVI Video can be recorded on external 8GB Memory Card upto 3 hours with an interval of 1hour.


  • Audio and Video recording
  • Micro Cam Recorder
  • Hidden Spy Camera Pen
  • Hi Resolution
  • Instant Live Video Recording
  • Internal Memory
  • 8GB External Memory
  • High Quality



  • Camera: 3MP Camera
  • Photo Click: Yes
  • Audio and Video Recording: Yes

Design and Display

  • Video Frame Rate: 30FPS
  • Video Format: AVI Video Encoding: M-JPEG
  • Resolution: Pixels: 480*500


  • External Memory: 8GB
  • Memory card support: Yes


  • Type: Li-Ion 950 mAh
  • Stand By Time: 3 hours

Supplementary Features

  • PC Compatibility: Plug & Play
  • System Requirement: WINDOWS 2000/XP/VISTA/7
  • Power Supply: USB Port


  • One Year Replacement Guarantee

How to Use

Place the Standard Pen Camera at the position where you want to record and just press the record ON/OFF Button on the top for 5 seconds it will illuminate LED Amber and will blink blue after 5 seconds for recording. If youStandard Pen Camera want to save the video press the record ON/OFF Button to save meanwhile LED Stats will revert to yellow while saving is incomplete.

Note: The Standard Pen Camera cannot record while saving.

Standard Spy Pen Camera 8 GB In Delhi

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